Overview of the Slot Game House of Doom 2: The Crypt by Its Creator, With the advent of the House of Doom 2 The Crypt slot machine, Play’n GO expands its rock selection with a darker,

more foreboding tone. The House of Doom slot was inspired by a song by the Swedish band Candlemass of the same name. An “epic doom metal band” since 1984, Candlemass has received several accolades for their music. They may not be widely recognized, but their debut album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, is often credited as the inspiration for the term “doom metal.” It’s a reasonable assumption that gamers with a penchant for harder music will find House of Doom 2: The Crypt more to their liking after all that gloom.

The first noticeable difference between the two slots is the upgraded visuals, albeit both include somber artwork, as is appropriate when dealing with doom metal. The main attraction is a grid with 5 reels and 20 paylines that is surrounded by mysterious elements like stone pillars and low lighting. It’s safe to say that the music will appeal to metalheads as they spin the reels. You may play Crypt Keeper on any device with a default RTP setting of 96.25 percent and stakes ranging from 20 pence to £/€100 per spin. Even though Play’n GO’s House of Doom 2 only received a 7 out of 10, it’s still potentially dangerous if you’re not careful.

In terms of broad principles, there are no significant exceptions. If you get three or more of the same symbol starting on the leftmost reel, you win. The high-paying symbols include a dagger, a threatening flower, flickering candles, and a spiky skull, while the lower-paying symbols are rendered in a strong Gothic script. House of Doom 2 may not be for you if the contents on that list give you the creeps. There are at least four instances when wild symbols appear. These symbols can be used in place of others. All of them pay out 25 times the wager for a full house, but as we’ll see below, they all have somewhat distinct abilities.

Slot Functions in House of Doom 2: The Crypt

House of Doom 2 has three distinct realms, each with its own set of bonus features and accessible via Spirit Gates and special wild symbols. Free spins and Crypt Spins are added on top of everything else.

Spirit Gates emerge on the reels at random during the main game. If a wild symbol lands on it, it will grow and award a respin with one of the following modifiers:

For the re-spin, all reels will have Spirit Gates added by the Queen of the Damned.

The Fire Mistress will randomly add a 2, 3, 5, or 10x multiplier to any winning respin.

All of the ritual relic symbols you’ve been using have been upgraded to the highest paying skull symbol.

Free games are triggered by getting normal Crypt scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5. In this game mode, the chances of activating the aforementioned modifiers increase if more than one Spirit Gate is activated during a single spin. A normal scatter becomes a Flaming Crypt scatter if it lands in a functioning Spirit Gate.

This results in Crypt Spins, which can occur during a Queen of the Damned respin or during free spins when all three scatters are upgraded; getting 3 Flaming Crypt scatters grants 8 free Crypt Spins. If the Spirit of Unity wild appears during this round and settles in a Spirit Gate, the player receives a respin with the modifiers of the Fire Mistress, Metal Priestess, and Queen of the Damned. Last but not least, Crypt Spins can be reactivated.

Slot Conclusion for House of Doom 2: The Crypt

Since the first game in the series wasn’t a huge commercial success, it’s puzzling that gamers get to go back and give the House of Doom another go. While the first House of Doom was the idea of Play’n GO COO Martin Zettergren, the sequel feels more like a labor of love. He didn’t only come up with the concept; he accompanied the musicians in the studio to make sure their new song was exactly what he had in mind for the slot.

Although the initial House of Doom took a novel approach to the doom metal genre, it has not been as successful as the rest of Play’n GO’s metal collection. House of Doom 2 is an upgrade that, assuming the player is okay with having their eardrums blasted by a dose of doom metal, should appeal to a wider audience. The development process has resulted in a more refined game with improved visuals and expanded possibilities. That being said, the maximum win on House of Doom 2 is just 6,000 times the initial wager, so it’s not exactly a huge paying slot. Certainly not a terrible sum, but not the highest among Play’n GO slots with a metal theme, if greater is better. For the time being, that distinction will remain with Testament.

House of Doom 2 appears to be closer to what the company had in mind when they first conceived of the House of Doom idea. The game’s fantastically gloomy colors and variety of priestess kinds provide for some satisfyingly eerie moments for players. It’s not as hard-hitting as some of Play’n GO’s other metal-themed slots, but it’s not exactly soft rock, either.






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